Dinner Recipes

Try out some of our quick, easy and delicious dinner recipes. They fit perfectly into a busy routine. From pies and fries to fish we have tons of options.

These dinner recipes are quick, easy and delicious. Perfect for a busy routine.

Spaghetti alla norma

Spaghetti alla Norma

50 mins SuperValu
Pizza 20with 20nduja

Homemade Italian pizza with spicy ‘nduja

70 mins SuperValu
Kevin One 20pot 20Light 20chicken 20stew insta  20U52B8997

One Pot Light Chicken Stew

45 mins SuperValu
Mustard and honey glazed ham

Simple Mustard & Honey Glazed Ham

135 mins SuperValu
Kevin Yorkshire pudding

Kevin's Cracking Yorkshire Puddings

40 mins SuperValu
Kevin Croquettes

Kevin's Cheesy Potato Croquettes

36 mins SuperValu
Burger 20social

Spice Bag Chicken Burger

20 mins SuperValu
Squid 204 20x5

Super Crispy Cajun Calamari

10 mins SuperValu
Carrot  26 Feta Soup 900 x 600

Kevin’s Roasted Carrot Soup with Feta & Sunflower Seeds

50 mins SuperValu
Rainbow Salad 900 x 600

Kevin's Rainbow Quinoa & Salmon Salad

30 mins SuperValu
Noodle Broth 900 x 600

Crispy Ginger Roasted Mushrooms with Noodles in a Turmeric Coconut Broth

35 mins The Happy Pear
Meatball Sandwich 900 x 600

Kevin's Fake-away Italian Smoky Chorizo & Beef Meatball Sandwich

25 mins SuperValu
Mexican Beef Bowl 900 x 600

Kevin's Fake-away Slow Cooked Mexican Beef Bowl

495 mins SuperValu
Veggie Spaghetti 900 x 600

Kevin's Spaghetti With Hidden Veggie Sauce

0 mins SuperValu
Chicken Legs 900 x 600

Easy Oven Roasted Crispy Chicken Legs

55 mins SuperValu
Loaded Potatoes 900x 600

Kevin's Loaded Baked Potatoes

85 mins SuperValu
Blood Orange Crepe 900 x 600

Blood Orange & Dark Chocolate Crêpes

20 mins SuperValu

Baked Crispy Cheese Nuggets with a Cranberry Relish

60 mins SuperValu
Plant Based Dinner

Simple Sweet Cranberry & Chestnut Sprouts

25 mins SuperValu
Plant Based Dinner

Roasted Carrot, Feta and Thyme Parcels

60 mins SuperValu
Beef Sandwich

The Ultimate Spiced Beef Sandwich

130 mins SuperValu
Hampshire Ham

Slow-Cooked Guinness & Orange Glazed Irish Hampshire Ham

150 mins SuperValu
Turkey Joint

Stuffed Irish Turkey Joint with Winter Vegetable Traybake

120 mins SuperValu
Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington with Cheesy Garlic Smashed Potatoes

65 mins SuperValu

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