Wholesale Quality Food Award Winners

Wholesale Quality Food and Drink Awards prove excellent standard of SuperValu Range products.

Wholesale Quality Food Award Winners

The inaugural Wholesale Quality Food and Drink Awards proved that the standard of own-brand products within SuperValu is absolutely excellent. We picked up 15 Awards from our SuperValu Range.

This is an example of our continuing commitment to our quality, which costs on average around a 1/3 less than leading brands.

Our winners are:

  1. Supervalu Supreme Thai Chilli and Red Pepper Crisps
  2. Supervalu Rice Crunchies
  3. Supervalu Goats Cheese
  4. Supervalu Crunchy Biscuits and Caramel Bars
  5. Supervalu Supreme Sun Ripened Raspberry and Irish Cream Yogurt
  6. Supervalu Carved Ham
  7. Supervalu Supreme Mini Dessert Selection
  8. Supervalu Hot and Cold Smoked Salmon Pate
  9. Irish Gammon Steaks
  10. SuperValu Ratatouille Pack
  11. Supervalu Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  12. Supreme Mixed Fruit
  13. SuperValu Smoked Salmon Pie
  14. Supervalu Supreme Mashed Potato and Carrot & Turnip
  15. Supervalu Supreme Still Lemonade
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