Keeping Cool in the Heat

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During pregnancy, you may experience heat intolerance on hot summer days due to increased amounts of progesterone and oestrogen. You may also develop low blood pressure if dehydrated, so keeping cool and hydrated is important. Here are some helpful tips from

Try to stay in the shade

You can still enjoy the pool or the beach during pregnancy, but renting a beach cabana or a beach umbrella will allow you to enjoy the sun without overheating. You’ll also be less inclined to burn if you are in the shade. Stay out of the midday sun (11am–3pm). This is when it is at its strongest.

Swimming is an ideal exercise during pregnancy, as it keeps you cool and it doesn’t put pressure on any of your joints.

Apply plenty of SPF

Pregnant women are more prone to sunburn, so it is important that you protect yourself.

Drink lots and lots of liquids

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, and make sure to carry a small bottle of water with you at all times.


Keep cool

Wear light, loose-fitting clothing made of natural fibres. This will help to keep you cool.

Get plenty of rest

If you’re spending time visiting tourist spots you may become dehydrated and fatigued much more quickly than normal, so don’t over exert yourself. Plan some days by the pool or at the beach instead.

Don’t just drink water

The body needs electrolytes such as sodium and potassium to regulate vital functions. Consider drinking orange juice (mixed with a small amount of sea salt, if you can tolerate it) or milk. Coconut water has a well balanced blend of electrolytes and comes highly recommended.

Don’t tough it out

If you feel ill and develop a severe headache and/or feel faint or dizzy, you should go inside immediately. If rest and rehydration doesn’t help, you should call a doctor.

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