Baby's First Christmas

Baby's First Xmas

Your baby is undoubtedly the greatest gift you’ll ever receive so it’s wonderful to create special memories of their first Christmas that you can treasure and look back on as they grow and the years roll by.

Create a Memory Box

It’s wonderful to watch your baby grow and see how their experience of special occasions like Christmas changes but your baby will only have one ‘First Christmas’ and it’s the perfect time to start a memory box.

Then each year you can capture the special moments and build up a treasure trove of memories from their first letter to Santa to their favourite family traditions.

The box can be an empty shoebox decorated with Christmassy images or a nice old box you’ve found at a market. It just needs to be big enough to hold a few pieces gathered each year.

  • Stencil or paint your baby’s name on the box and date it.
  • Keep cards from important people in your child’s life.
  • Write a short note to your baby about your reasons for starting a memory box.
  • Include a pair of tiny socks or vest that your baby wore.
  • As the years go by, add drawings, letters to Santa and Christmas cards that your child has made.
  • Make a mini photo album and include your favourite Christmas pictures each year.

And these are just some suggestions, get creative and starting making memories for the rest of your lives.

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