SuperValu launches Pure + Kind Skincare Range

It’s a new year and a new you, and to help in making some positive changes SuperValu is delighted to introduce its new ‘Pure + Kind’ skincare range offering a nourishing approach to skin at unbeatable value.

SuperValu’s clinically tested skincare range has been created specifically with the wellbeing of your skin front of mind. A new year is the perfect time to start a new skincare regime, so why not start with discovering happy and healthy skin with SuperValu’s ‘Pure + Kind’ skincare range.

Teaer supervalu pure and kind skincare range

SuperValu’s ‘Pure + Kind’ skincare range uses organic, hydrating ingredients formulated with care with no harsh perfumes or colourings. It is designed for your most basic skin needs with elements to nourish a healthy complexion. Products include Pure + Kind Body Butter with Coconut Oil & Shea Butter, Pure + Kind Facial Moisturiser, Pure + Kind Cleansing Lotion, Pure + Kind Anti-wrinkle Q10+ Complex Day Cream and Pure + Kind Anti-ageing Q10+ Night Cream.

Commenting on the launch, Tony Patterson, Trading Manager, SuperValu, said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of SuperValu’s ‘Pure + Kind’ skincare range. Our move into skincare is a further demonstration of SuperValu’s innovative approach to offering our customers a broad range of products from a brand that they trust. SuperValu’s ‘Pure + Kind’ skincare range has been developed to provide shoppers with affordable skincare products at a quality they can trust”.